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Frequent Problems with Property Management

If developments are non compliant with relevant laws legal proceedings can not be taken against non payers and this seriously affects the financing of services and facilities, it does not take very long for apartments blocks and complexes to become non functional and looking rundown.

1) Are you paying too much for communal service charges so others can pay less?
2) Are you paying adequate communal service charges so the development can fully function and also be maintained correctly?
3) Is your development complaint with relevant Republic of Cyprus Joint Ownership Property Laws?
4) Are your communal service charges based on percentage ownership or a calculation method that has been agreed by all the owners?
5) If there is more then one apartment block on the development does each apartment block have their own expenditure budget?
6) Are your liabilities as owners' being safeguarded?
7) Are Management Committee liabilities being safeguarded?
8) Are your investments being safeguarded?

If the answer for 2, 3 or 4 above is NO then the end result will eventually be similar to the pictures on the left