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The Family Team

The Family Team

All of our employees (Certified Swimming Pool Professionals, General Cleaners, Specialist Gardeners, General Maintenance Professional, Account Managers and Office Administrators) are all directly employed by P. Peklivana Holdings Limited.

They all have appropriate and legal contracts of employment and are fully registered with the social insurance office. We do not hire operative that do not have appropriate work visas, or cheap non registered labour paying then under the table cash. All employees are paid monthly; they all receive wage slips showing legally deducted employee liability social insurance and employers social insurance contributions. As a company we pay the legally required employers and employees social insurance contributions on time every month, this in turn ensures that all contributions are up to date.

Occasionally needs arise that specialist work like electrics have to be subcontracted out, (our general maintenance professional are more then capable of carrying out most electrical work but for developments, professional licensed electricians should be used) prior to bringing on board any subcontractor they are fully vetted, and prior to them carrying out any work full quotations are given and agreed to.

All our employees are covered via insurance whilst they are carrying out their duties. As a company we have appropriate Employers Liability Insurance, yes this is expensive but at the end of the day if anything happens to any of our staff they are appropriately covered.

When new employees come on board they are all supplied with a contract of employment of which incorporates the company hand book. The company hand book outlines in full Health & Safety procedures which need to be adhere to, to include risk assessment prior to the commencing with their daily duties. It also fully outlines our commitment to clients and the high standards which are expected from each employee.

All employees are given an induction course and then put on a 12 weeks probationary period and if they are not skilled in the area of which they have been employed, for the first weeks of their employment they shadow skilled employees and then sent on adequate training course is qualifications are required. Examples being: – CPO certification for pool cleaning and management.

The dedication and commitment of all our employees’ whether they are full time or part time employees, whether they are permanently situated at one site, or mobile travelling site to site or working in the office as accounts managers or administrators is second to non, and this allows us to supply exceptional high quality services to all our clients irrespective of the size of their development.

For The Good of Our Clients We All Work Together Like One Big Happy Family