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Communal Areas Cleaning

From as little as from €35 per clean we will keep your investments clean and hygienic to a very high standard.

First impressions count especially if you own a property on a development which has communal areas and you want to rent that property as either a holiday home or long term rental. Your property might be a palace inside but if the communal areas are not up to scratch that’s what potential clients first see and that’s what they remember.

Cleanliness of communal areas is also very important even if you do not rent your property, because a badly maintained communal area reflects on your properties value and your living standards.

In the past a quick sweep and mop of communal areas was sufficient, but these days new finishes and materials are being used on developments and these finishes and materials require correctly looking after else the development soon starts looking rundown and unloved.

We all know that an unclean environment is also prone to infestations especially in Cyprus where the weather is so hot, and once this is allowed to happen it is very difficult to remedy without special insecticides and some insecticides might even damage or permanently stain modern finishing’s.

It is very important that even the areas which are not visible are cleaned to the highest degree and if these areas are cleaned correctly you can be assured that visible areas are cleaned correctly.

We are not the cheapest but we are the best, and in the long run owners actually save money and this is so because the finish of the development lasts much longer if it is maintained correctly. We clean a number of apartment blocks who have 5 meter high ceilings at the top floor of their stairwells and we secured these contract because we actually cleaned these area whereas all the other cleaning companies said it could not be reached. We clean every corner from top to bottom and it is totally irrelevant of whether it needs it or not.

For the sake of saving a few Euros a month owners do not look after their communal areas correctly.

Our basic general clean is as below.


Apartment blocks

• Sweep all communal – Stairs, corridors, walkways, paths, ramps and parking area.

• Inspect roof area and clean if required.

• Wipe all communal doors to include frames and shuts.

• Wipe/dust (and if wooden polish) all stair hand rails.

• Clean external lift doors on every floor using stainless steel cleaner.

• Clean and polish interior of lift to include mirror.

• Sweep and mop interior of lift. 

• Dust internal lights and light fittings.

• Dust external lights and light fittings.

• Spot clean marks on internal communal walls and stair well.

• Dust every corner and ledges of communal areas removing all cobwebs.

• Dust shed doors and electricity cupboard doors.

• Dust external lights and light fittings.

• Clean glass in doors.

• Clean all door metal push plates and handles.

• Empty all communal dustbins, replacing bags.

•  Pickup all litter within complex boundary.

• Removal of weeds.

•  Mop all tiled areas.


• Clean inside and outside all reachable communal windows. (Non-reachable windows priced separately, price is dependant to required equipment.)

• Wash shed doors and electricity cupboard doors.

• Sweep electricity cupboard

•  Dust interior of electricity cupboard to include fuse breakers and meters.

• Dust external columns, beams and walls.


All the above (via yearly contract for weekly clean) from as little as €35 plus VAT per clean.

No contract from €45 plus VAT per clean

All prices to include all chemicals and equipment (excluding reach equipment for non-reachable windows.)

Our Cleaning Service Level Agreements are totally bespoke for each and every client, so please contact us for a free no obligation site visit and quotation.

No job to large - No job to small