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What makes a Good Holiday Let

There are a number of factors involved when thinking of renting your Cyprus property out as a holiday let.

If you’re not resident in Cyprus or close to your property you need a professional company to look after the cleaning and maintenance. Asking family or friends can sometimes lead to hindrance and/or standards may not be sufficient.

If you are going to manage, maintain and service the property yourself you will need to be totally dedicated. You will have to be prepared to get up early in the morning to meet your customers from the airport, you will have to make the property ready prior to their arrival. Supply bed linen, supply hand & bath towels for each person, make beds, dust and air property prior to client arrival. Then clean the property through out on departure. You will have to wash sheets, pillow cases, quilt covers, hand and bath towels. You will have to remove all rubbish, clean all cupboards and worktops as well as washing all cutlery and crockery.

A quick clean, especially in Cyprus where the climate is hot leads to bacterial growth which leaves the property smelling unpleasant and can also lead to infestations of all kinds of insects. If a client walks into a property and it does not look, smell and feel fresh and clean not only will they never rebook with you again, they will tell all their family and friends not to book your property.

If your property is in an apartment block or complex first impressions count, the apartment block or complex to include services and facilities need to be fully functional,clean and fresh at all time, especially on arrival of clients. You will need to make sure that the communal areas, service and facilities of the development are being managed by a professional management company or by a management committee that know what they are doing.

If the property has a swimming pool whether it be private or communal you need to make sure that it is cleaned and maintained by a reputable, certified professional pool cleaning company, as a property owner who rents out their property you are liable if anyone of your clients gets a recreational water illness (RWIs) from using the swimming pool.

It is critical that the property is perfect on every occasion. It takes around two years to establish a good holiday let property but only two seconds to destroy it.

Holiday Client Expectations

It has become apparent that holiday makers are now expecting more and more from the holiday home let. Gone are the days were you could get away with supplying just basic accommodation services. Everyone now expects more for there money. Even holiday lets which are at the lower end of the quality market are expected to have minimum services.

Low quality holiday lets are expected to have, a Small Screen Television, DVD Player, Radio/CD player.

Mid range holiday lets are expected to have, at least a 21inch Television, DVD Player, Radio/CD player

Luxury holiday lets are expected to have, 21inch to 32inch LCD Television, DVD Player with movie surround sound, Radio/CD player, satellite TV, games consuls as well as Internet access for laptop computers. Dish washer and washing machine.

Irrespective of the quality of the property all properties should be equipped with a fridge/freezer, Cutlery, crockery, glassware, pots, pans and cooking utensils, an Iron, Ironing board, broom, dustpan with brush, mop and bucket and in the wardrobe at least 10 good hangers per person.

To encourage persons to rent your property all items especially luxury items supplied should be outlined in the property details on the property advert.

First Impressions Count

Irrespective of the quality of the holiday home the property must at all time be prepared before clients arrive.