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For developments to run smoothly, efficiently, safely and fairly, developments needs to be fully compliant with relevant joint ownership laws or the collection of communal service charges and other required funding will be seriously hindered. Basically if the methodology of distributing expenditure via communal service charges is not in accordance to relevant joint ownership laws nothing can be done to owners' who do not pay.

Legal proceedings can not be taken against non payers and this seriously affects the financing of services and facilities, it does not take very long for apartments blocks and complexes to become non functional and looking rundown.

We at P. Peklivana Holdings Limited can tailor services to meet exact requirements of clients

Our services

Communal Areas Cleaning

From as little as from €35 per clean we will keep your investments clean and hygienic to a very high standard.

First impressions count especially if you own a property on a development which has communal areas and you want to rent that property as either a holiday home or long term rental. Your property might be a palace inside but if the communal areas are not up to scratch that’s what potential clients first see and that’s what they remember.

Consultancy Services for Management Committees

When you purchased your property if your property is in an apartment block or on a complex or estate which has communal areas, services or facilities you did not just purchase a property, you also purchased a percentage of all the communal areas, services and facilities on that development and these services have to be managed by someone.

Professional Communal Property Management

When you purchased your property in Cyprus you did not just purchase a property, you also purchased a dream lifestyle of Relaxation (that laid back approach to life), Sun, Sea, Outdoor Living, Lounging by the Swimming Pool, and the developer/sales agent feed that dream when they showed you around that perfect property in an apartment block, complex or estate.

Property Inspection Services

When you or even worse, clients arrive at you property the last thing you want is for them to be faced with issues that could have been easily avoided or remedied prior to your/their arrival. In Cyprus due to the climate if properties are left totally unattended it is common for traps in toilets, sinks, shower units and baths to dry out; this makes the property smell like a cesspit and also allows cockroaches’ access to your property. Damp patches can also appear throughout the property if it is not aired, and if they are not dealt with promptly fungi and mold can form spreading throughout the property. A small leak can turn into a major disaster if left unattended.

Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service

As a professional NSPF certificated swimming pool, spa and Jacuzzi Cleaning and Maintenance Company what do we do differently and what do we offer our swimming pool clients that is different from the rest. 

CPO Training & Certification

If you are looking to becoming a CPO certificated swimming pool professional we are able to assist you.

Holiday Home Rentals

We at P. Peklivana Holdings Limited Understand the Difficulty of Managing a Holiday Rental Property.