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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service

As a professional NSPF certificated swimming pool, spa and Jacuzzi Cleaning and Maintenance Company what do we do differently and what do we offer our swimming pool clients that is different from the rest. 

Firstly we recognise that there are 3 steps to correctly maintaining a swimming pool.

► The actual very basic cleaning of a swimming pool.
►The machine room/pump house.
►The chemistry of the swimming pool water.

The actual very basic cleaning process

..for a swimming pool is exactly the same as all swimming pool cleaners do, but the process has to be carried out in the correct order so not to disturb the fine elements which lay at the bottom of the swimming pool before the bottom is vacuumed, if this is not done correctly the fine particles get mixed back into the water and are not removed during the cleaning process.

• Remove skimmer baskets empty contents.
• Clean skimmer basket and housings removing sun lotion and oil lines.
• If pool water requires topping up start top up via to commencement of cleaning and as cleaning. Top up via skimmer basket housings so not to disturb water at the bottom of the pool.
•  Remove debris from surface
• Clean water level line around the swimming pool removing tide marks.
• Vacuum swimming pool floor and walls.

a. This has to be done slowly so not to disturb the water to much.
b. If the floor of the pool is excessively dirty vacuum to waist, this also aids in keeping Total Dissolved Solids level down

• Brush pool floor, walls, lights, steps and ladders.
• Put back skimmer baskets making sure that they are secured into their housings.

The machine room/pump house

• Check the system for any visible faults or damage.
• Empty and clean pump filter basket/s.
• Check the sand filter pressure gauge to see if the system requires backwashing.

a. If you backwash to often it actually reduces the efficiency of the sand filter and you also waist valuable water.

• If required backwash and rinse the system.

The chemistry of the swimming pool water.

(We only use professional analysis testing equipment.)

For private pools
• With every clean as a minimum we will analyse water for

a. Free Chlorine (free chlorine is what keeps your water sanitised)

i. Recommended level being 2.0ppm – 4.0ppm
ii. maximum being 5.0ppm

b. Combined Chlorine (non active spent chlorine.)

i. Recommended level 0.0ppm
ii. Maximum being 0.2ppm

c. Total Chlorine (combination of free and non active spent chlorine.) The test kits which most non-professional pool cleaners and persons who look after their own swimming pools use only displays total chlorine level, the display might be the correct colour but how much is Free Chlorine and how much is Combined Chlorine?

d. PH Level

i. Ideal level being 7.4ppp – 7.6ppm
ii. Minimum level being 7.2ppm.

• If required adjust Free Chlorine and PH levels to recommended level.
• Once a month we will carryout complete water analysis for

a. Free Chlorine
b. Combined Chlorine
c. Total Chlorine
d. PH Level
e. Total Alkalinity (Ideal 100ppm. Minimum 60ppm. Maximum 180ppm)
f. Calcium Hardness (Ideal 200-400ppm. Minimum 150ppm. Maximum 1000ppm)
g. Cyanuric Acid (30-50ppm)
h. Total Dissolved Solids (Maximum level being 1500ppm)

• If required adjust saturation levels to balance swimming pool water.

All readings are documented on the on site analysis sheet (which every site is supplied with) and also documented on the analysis sheet which is returned to the office. All our swimming pool cleaners are fully qualified personnel and are able to analyse the result whist on site but as a matter of processes and procedures once the readings have been received at the office they are imputed into a program which allows us to see if there has been any drastic changes in your swimming pools water chemistry.

For communal swimming pools, maintenance is as above to include full water analysis once a week - a site visit is required to give a correct quotation.

Professional Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Private swimming pools (12 Months Contract) - from €100 per month.
2 cleans per week 1st April to 31st October (62 cleans)
1 clean per week 1st November to 31st March (21 cleans)

In total 83 Cleans per year = (from) €14.46 per clean.

To include all Chemicals, Monthly Full Analysis with reports and Pool Water Chemical Balancing.

Private swimming pools (No Contract) - from €20 per per clean.
(from €50 for cleans incorporating full water analysys (is requested)) 

For Owners Who Clean & Maintain Their Own Swimming Pools

Full water analysis to include report and advice - From as little as €30

1) We will calculate the volume of water of your swimming pool.
2) We will perform full water analysis of your swimming pool.
3) We will supply you with the test results.
4) We will advise you on what chemicals are required to balance your swimming pool water.
5) We will calculate the amount of chemicals required to balance your pool.
6) We can instruct you on how to apply the required chemicals.
7) We can supply you with the right amount of chemicals, without you having to purchase large quantities of chemicals which you will then need to store.

We will even show you how to correctly maintain your swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Water Chemical Balancing: From €70 (to include 1–7 above)

When we take on new clients the first thing we do is:

(a) Collect all relevant information about their swimming pool.
(b) We calculate their swimming pool water volume.
(c) We document the make model and size of the sand filter/s and pump/s.
(d) With the first clean we carry out a complete swimming pool water analysis.
(e) We do a risk assessment of the pool area to include equipment.
(f) We calculate user capacity for the swimming pool.
(g) We document and save all data.
(h) We leave a visit/analysis sheet on site which is completed and signed by our qualified operatives on every visit.

All swimming pools are priced accordingly so please contact us for a site visit and quotation.