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Is your Swimming Pool Safe?

In Cyprus there is an abundance of swimming pool cleaners and most of these people are non-certified, unregistered people who think that sparkling clear pool water is safe. Unfortunately most pool owners also think that sparkling clear pool water is safe so they think that their pool cleaner is doing a good job.

Many of these swimming pool cleaners have even got professional looking website advertising their service. If you look closely at all these websites and you read the wording only it is very hard to distinguish between them, because they have all copied each others content to include what they offer as a pool clean, as per examples below:

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Chemical Testing of Water Quality Empty skimmers Brush pool
Dosing pool with Chlorine, PH Balancers and Water Polishing Agents Remove debris from surface Remove debris from surface
Skimming the surface of the pool to remove large debris Vacuum Vacuum
Brushing the side walls of the pool Test and treat water Test and treat water
Emptying the Skimmer Baskets Empty pump filter basket Empty skimmers
Vacuum pool floor Backwash and rinse Empty pump basket
Backwash filter if required Top up or lower water level Backwash
Topping up pool if required.   Maintain correct water level


No where do they mention - Fully analysis of swimming pool water to check the water balance of your swimming pool.

If you are a pool cleaner and are interested in looking after your clients correctly, then Click Here and become a Qualified, Licensed Professional, thus proving to your clients that you not only want to look after their swimming pool, you are also interested in looking after their health.

The water balance of a swimming pool is one of the most important factors for a health swimming pool.
It also plays a major part in the cost of maintenance of the swimming pool.

If the swimming pool water balance is not kept between -0.3 and +0.3 (perfect balance being 0) this will lead to either corrosion or scaling.
This will mean that you will eventually have to pay for repairs to include replacement parts.

Yes these people do save you money in the short term but in the long term you will end up paying more then they saved you plus your swimming pool will be out of action until you get the funds together for the repairs.

► For a private swimming pool full water analysis should be carried out at least once a month
► For a communal swimming pool full water analysis should be carried out as a minimum once a week.
► Completed chemical analysis sheets documenting the results from every clean should be kept.
► Dependant on results reports outlining required action/s.
► Dependant on results, required chemicals and quantities of required chemical in relation to the volume of the water in the swimming pool. 


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